BTC – So what is it all about?

27. April 2016 News

So what is all the fuss about? Bitcoin appeared around 2009 as a fresh type of digital money and was develop in the away as open source by a smart chap called Satoshi Nakamoto. We’re told his accurate identify is ‘shrouded in enigma’ like he is some sort of Marvel superhero, I guess this just means he is a super nerd, but there is no question, he is definitely a leader. Bitcoin is a type of money the same asRead More

What’s Bitcoin and Can It Be a Good Investment?

27. April 2016 News

Bitcoin (BTC) is a brand new type of digital money-with cryptographic keys- which is decentralized into a network of computers used by users and miners all over the world and isn’t commanded by one organization or authorities. It’s the first digital cryptocurrency that’s got the people’s interest and is taken by an increasing variety of retailers. Like other monies, users can use the digital money to purchase goods and services online along with in some real shops that take itRead More

The price of the oldest cryptocurrency in history

12. June 2021 News

How expensive was the first bitcoin? An overview of the most important events and stages of the oldest cryptocurrency from its inception in 2008. How expensive was the first Bitcoin? An overview of the most important events and stages of the oldest cryptocurrency from its inception in 2008. Bitcoin is the oldest and also the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world. Since its inception in 2008, the cryptocurrency has seen a rapid increase in value. If you don`t own BTCRead More

Today’s code decides tomorrow’s policy

23. May 2021 News

Let’s assume that cryptocurrencies are the money of the future. What political achievements will they bring? What do we already know – and what is still up in the air? Such questions are difficult to answer because when it comes to cryptocurrencies, technical details become big political questions. So much has been discussed about what the purpose of Bitcoin is. We alreade wrote about it in this article. Presumably, such discussions are idle because the invisible hand of the marketsRead More

BitTorrent is now owned by a blockchain startup

21. May 2021 News

BitTorrent has been sold to blockchain startup Tron for $140 million. The sale of the company owned by the peer-to-peer protocol inventors of the same name is said to have been completed last week, after rumors of an imminent sale of the company had been around for some time. 40 percent of Internet traffic via BitTorrent However, not only the BitTorrent protocol itself, but also the corresponding BitTorrent client μTorrent belongs to the company and changes hands through the sale.Read More

$2.2 billion loss in one day over Bitcoin and MMORPG scandal

12. May 2021 News

Korean billionaire Kim Jung-Ju is the head of Nexon. The MMORPG company has now published its financial report and it doesn’t look good: The price of the share fell by 14.4% The boss has lost about $2.2 billion in stock market value as a result. Backgrounds are a scandal around the MMORPG MapleStory, the easing of the Covid situation and the sudden drop in the value of bitcoin. The price of BTC dropped dramatically on exchanges like Binance. Good newsRead More

Bitcoin – curse or blessing?

7. May 2021 News

At the latest, the current bull market should have made it clear to most critics of Bitcoin that this is not a short-term hype, fueled by people who want to revolutionize the payment system, but an idea that can no longer be ignored. With the addition of other flagships such as Microstrategy and Tesla, or even the recent IPO of Coinbase, the entrepreneurial and financial world is now also becoming increasingly interested in the digital gold, which sometimes helps toRead More

Gambling sites that accept Bitcoin

28. March 2021 News

Bookmakers are an increasingly concrete reality among Brazilians, who have discovered a way to make sports, especially soccer, even more exciting and fun, and even profitable. Whether with the intention of trying their luck or just having fun, betting is already part of Brazilians’ everyday life. To be a customer of a bookmaker, you first need to make a deposit, and there are many different ways to deposit in a bookmaker like, for example: bank draft, bank transfer, creditRead More

22bet – BTC Casino Review

27. March 2021 News

Who is behind the company? is owned by Marikit Holdings Ltd (registration number HE351206) located at Chrysanthou Mylona, 12, Harmonia Building, Block 1, 1st Floor, Apartment / Office 15, 3030, Limassol, Cyprus, as the clearing house is operated by Orakum NV as the license holder (License No. 8048 / JAZ of Curaçao). Company: 22Bet Casino Live Chat: 24/7 Encryption: 128bit SSL Deposit Limits: Adjustable Registered Office:Chrysanthou Mylona, 12, Harmonia Building, Block 1, 1st Floor, Apartment/Office 15, 3030, Limassol,Read More

QuadrigaCX: Bitcoin exchange said to have cheated massively

21. June 2019 News

The Bitcoin exchange QuadrigaCX is said to have systematically ripped off its customers. According to court documents, platform operator Gerry Cotten has withdrawn a lot of money for his own purposes. It remains unclear where a large part of the money is spent. As you already all know, there are many ways to lose money with Crypto Currencies, as you can read at The guesswork over the insolvent Bitcoin exchange QuadrigaCX and the customer assets that have disappeared fromRead More

Interesting study: On which day of the week is it best to buy Bitcoin?

16. June 2019 News

Crypto currencies are among the most volatile investments on the market. Bitcoins are nowadays often used in online casinos and for daytrading. Those who invest in digital coins should be aware of some significant fluctuations over the course of the week. In the context of a study now one examined, on which days in the week investors can count most probably on positive net yield. BTC is used in every generation already and it is still getting more attention The FintechRead More

Bet with BTC on HOTS

6. October 2018 News

Asians dominate Dreamhack tournament! Already in the group phase it became apparent: the Asian eSports organisation Gen. G dominates the HotS tournament MSB at the Dreamhack in Sweden. Seldom has there been such a dominance in an international tournament: Gen. G from South Korea has won every match at Dreamhack in Sweden in the mid-season brawl of Heroes of the Storm. Who will win? Make your BTC bets with one of the many betting options out there, such as HOTs bettingRead More